Antenatal Check-up

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Antenatal Check-up

An antenatal check-up is the systemic supervision of a woman during pregnancy to observe the progress of fetal growth and the overall health of the mother. The complete antenatal check-up provides necessary care to the mother and helps to discover any complications that may occur in pregnancy, such as anemia, syphilis, pre-eclampsia or hypertension, etc., in the mother and inadequate growth of the fetus.

This allows a couple for the timely management of complications & preparation of birth plan through referral to an appropriate facility for further treatment.

Components Of Antenatal Checkup

During all the visits to a clinic by a pregnant lady, many aspects related to health and well-being is considered. For this, the check-up is divided into 4 components, namely:

  • Evaluation of patient history, both personal & medical
  • Physical examination of the patient
  • Laboratory investigations

Seeds of Innocence Expertise

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Q. What is an antenatal test?

Antenatal tests include different types of urine & blood tests to evaluate the well-being of both the fetus & expecting mother.

Q. How do you do an antenatal check-up?

The antenatal check-up includes evaluations of patient history, physical examination, & laboratory investigation.

Q. What happens in your first antenatal appointment?

In the first antenatal visit to a specialist, an expecting mother is likely to get a health assessment, report of pregnancy confirmation, and a detailed plan for the coming months.

Q. How vital is antenatal care?

An antenatal check-up allows early detection & prevention of complications that can be harmful to expecting mother & the fetus.

Q. When should antenatal care start?

Antenatal care should start between 8-12 weeks of pregnancy confirmation. This allows a specialist to provide the best consultation.