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Brief introduction of 1 year course module For complete IVF Training.

Proposed by – Dr. Rakesh Samal (CHIEF EMBRYOLOGIST AT SOI)

Prepared by – Dr. Shiwani Tripathi (SENIOR EMBRYOLOGIST SOI (LKO) )

Course Format
One year course in the laboratory of the Centre of Excellence. (Seeds of innocence DELHI)

Course Description
This is one year course to get a complete insight into the pre-requisites and techniques associated with ART. The emphasis will be on group participation so that delegates can pick up tips on optimizing the lab performance. The course includes Lectures, Demonstration, Hands-on Work and Trouble shooting.
Course Objectives.

  1. To know about the IVF, history& lab equipment’s in detail (how they work &principles)
  2. Working protocol
  3. Importance of personal hygiene
  4. How to set up Andrology Laboratory and what are the equipment required?
  5. Training on how to setup IVF Laboratory
  6. Management and maintenance of different equipment required
  7. To maintain the ethics and proper documents related to the patients
  8. To know about the SOP of the equipment’s.
  9. How to maintain QA QC.
  10. Comprehensive sperm preparation using Macroscopic and Microscopic density, motility variation etc.
  11. Embryology Lab setup for oocyte retrieval
  12. Oocyte handling, categorization and recovery from follicular fluid.
  13. Identification of granulose cells, cumulus and corona cells and oocytes
  14. How to handle the oocyte during denudation
  15. Semen Preparation for Insemination
  16. Sperm survival test.
  17. Oocyte insemination – incubation training
  18. Fertilization check
  19. Organizing zygotes
  20. Identification of good Embryos
  21. Embryos loading and transfer
  22. Preparation of Embryos
  23. Embryo loading technique into the catheter
  24. Handling of disposables in IVF
  25. Blastocyst culture technique
  26. IVF Lab Maintenance
  27. Hands-on practical one to one training using unfertilized embryos
  28. Micromanipulators and ICSI Technique
  29. Complete Semen Analysis
  30. ICSI – Practical Training on Intracytoplasmic semen injection.
  31. Know-how of various operating equipment’s – Microscopes, Micromanipulators, tools etc.
  32. Tips and Techniques on setting up and alignment of different tools and different angles.
  33. Preparation of oocytes for micro-injection-use of appropriate pipettes for dissection of oocytes in
    hyaluronidase and use of appropriate media.
  34. Sperm and egg dishes preparation for micromanipulation.
  35. Semen pickup method techniques and tips.
  36. Microinjection Techniques and Tips.
  37. Vitrification Freezing Method
  38. Vitrification Carriers selection method
  39. Precautions in vitrification selection
  40. Warming-up of vitrified embryos
  41. Thawing Assessment

Embryology Training in India

  • PGT (introduction about the pgs &pgt)
  • Equipment set-up (demonstration)
  • The choice of micro tools (use of material & introduction)
  • Methods used for cell preparation and tubing (explanation of procedure)
  • Troubleshooting tips (trouble shooting explanation)
  • General guidelines when doing preparation and tubing for PGT (guideline to be followed)

Eligibility criteria for the course

Postgraduates in biological sciences, gynecologists, clinical embryologists, research scientists with little or no lab experience wishing to learn the basics of the technique. It helps those involved in the practical aspects only to get a better understanding on the basic biological principles behind the procedures.

Educational Methods

  • Lectures (Thrice in a week)
  • Demonstration (twice in a week)
  • Discussions (Once in a week)
  • Hands-on training (After 6 month of theory classes will be over)

Weekly evaluation = (whatever will be thought in a week will evaluated on the day of discussion

Monthly theoretical & hands on exam = (theoretical exam+hands on equipment handling grading)

Final evaluation =
(On the completion of the course final evaluation will be conducted which will includes theoretical, Practical as well as trouble shooting questionnaire)

Certificate of diploma = after the passing of the course exam ceremonial certificate distribution will be held.


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Dr. Gauri Agarwal


Infertility Specialist


MBBS, MD (Obs & Gyn), DNB (Obs & Gyn), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (Infertility)


14+ Years


Malviya Nagar, Ghaziabad

Dr. Gauri Agarwal is a young, dynamic and leading fertility specialist of Delhi/NCR. Dr. Agarwal is backed by a visionary thinking, die-hard determination and industry-rich experience of more than 10 years. She is the Director, IVF at Seeds of Innocence Centre. Dr. Agarwal finished her MBBS degree from Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune. Post that, she did a Diplomate of National Board (DNB), Obstetrics and Gynaecology Residency Program from KG Superspecialty Hospital, Coimbatore. She followed this with a hard-earned Fellowship Program in Reproductive Medicine (Infertility) from the University of Gent, Belgium. Further, she received training in Embryology at the National University of Singapore.

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