Mutation Screening

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Mutation Screening

Mutation screening allows couples to discover if they carry any hereditary disease which can potentially pass on to their child in the future. This screening process is used in cases when the couple is well-aware of the family history of a particular genetic disease.

Steps For Completing Mutation Screening

The process of mutation screening and its after-steps is simple.

  • Both the partners are required to submit a blood test which undergoes testing
  • The sample is then sent to a laboratory where its undergoes observation
  • Once the observation results are out, the couple is consulted regarding potential
  • If one of the parents is diagnosed to pass-on a hereditary disease, preimplantation
    genetic diagnosis is recommended to prevent the child from the disease

Seeds Of Innocence Expertise

At seeds of innocence, our team of expert medical professionals ensures most-accurate screening treatment for faster results. Our team is equipped with expertise in all advanced treatment options available for the prevention of transferring hereditary diseases to a new-born.


Q. How do you detect mutations?

To detect mutations, genetic testing is required. The screening or testing generally requires samples of blood, saliva or tissue.

Q. What is the difference between a selection and a screen?

A Selection is a growth condition that allows for the selective propagation of genetically marked cells. A Screen is a growth condition where both mutant and wild type can grow but can be distinguished phenotypically

Q. Why is Genetic screening important?

Genetic screening can suggest mutations of genes of both partners that can lead to the transfer of diseases from parents to new-born. A couple can prevent their child before birth from such hereditary diseases if identified through genetic screening.

Q. How long does it take to get the results of a genetic test?

You are likely to get results from a genetic test within 2-4 weeks.