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Poor or Thin Endometrium

Poor or thin endometrium is another factor related to infertility in women. The uterus, which is the home of the baby as it grows for 9 months, is made up of 3 layers. The innermost layer that first comes into an embryo as it comes to attach itself to the uterus, is called the endometrium. A thick and healthy endometrium is crucial for a healthy menstrual cycle and for successful pregnancy. On the other hand, a very thin endometrium can lead to complications related to menstruation and pregnancy.

The health of the uterine lining, or the endometrium depends on the vital levels of estrogen. A lack of estrogen can result into thinning of the the endometrium below its safe level of 8mm.

Can thin endometrium be treated? Of course, yes! However, before that, you need to know about what causes thin endometrium. Seeds of Innocence helps you identify thin endometrium causes, and also offers the best thin endometrium treatment.

Causes of Poor or Thin Endometrium

  • Low levels of estrogen
  • Restricted blood flow
  • Fibroids
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Surgeries
  • Uterus adhesions
  • Long term use of birth control pills

The condition is usually identified by a doctor upon examination, with common symptoms ranging from irregular periods to painful periods.

Treating Thin Endometrium

At SOI, we make sure that we don’t recommend a lady a treatment tha won’t work for them. Every body is different, and that is why we sit with each and every couple to figure out there requirements, their problems, and their history, in order to provide an effective solution. At SOI, we have everything from natural treatment to non-invasive surgical treatments like hysterescopy to understand and treat conditions that help couples in conceiving their dream.

Poor or Thin Endometrium FAQ’s

Q. Can I get pregnant with thin endometrium?

The answer is simple. If the lining is any less than 8 mm, then the egg will not get a place to successfully implant itself in the uterus, resulting in a failed pregnancy.

Q. Can thin endometrium be cured?

Yes. There are a number of treatments available for a thin endometrium, but their use depends on the particular individual’s condition. For more information on what will be better suited for you, visit one of our experts. Book an appointment today.

Q. Why is my endometrium thin?

There are a number of reasons behind the thinning of the uterus lining. The primary reason is the lack of estrogen formation in the body. Apart from that, surgery, fibroids, blood circulation issues, Pelvic inflammatory disease, and long term use of birth control pills can also be blamed.

Q. Can a thin uterus lining cause miscarriage?

A thin endometrim can not only cause a failed pregnancy, but can also be a big reason behind miscarriages. The irreponsiveness of the uterus to the hormones due to a thin endometrium can restrict the blood flow to the baby, thus causing a miscarriage.