Surrogacy Cost ?

India is widely referred to as “World’s leading surrogacy destination”. Indian couples from all over the world travel to India for fertility treatments, specially surrogacy.

Surrogacy cost in our country is nearly half the cost in other parts of the world. Every couple is different, with different set of fertility issues. Individual circumstances (like requirement of donor for either partner) play a role in deciding the cost. Each surrogacy is carried out through a well planned and careful tailor made approach.

In order to have an accurate understanding of the cost of surrogacy, intended parents should be aware of the various variable expenditures and services required throughout the procedure. Some of these may be listed as

  • Registration : Surrogates are enrolled under the program through ICMR registered agencies.
  • IVF procedures – Ovum pick up and embryo transfer
  • Surrogate screening and work up.
  • Surrogate matching
  • Legal and contractural services
  • Antenatal care – Consultations, investigations, antenatal scans and medicines of surrogate
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Fertility clinic cost

Surrogacy gives the highest success rate for all infertility cases in terms of delivery and child birth. Overall surrogacy cost varies between Rs. 15,00,000 to 20,00,000 depending upon the services advised to the couple by the clinician.