The M Factor – Freaking Fertility  

Fertility, a resonating question oscillates around women mostly and men themselves find it miserable to believe that their masculinity or manhood is at stake. To embark on the journey of parenthood the start ups are females and they are investigated first for their reproductive assay.

I, Saurabh Joshi, a Physical trainer, well built, good looking and young, married a girl of my own choice five years ago. We decided not to jump into the role of parents immediately and hence took precautions for two years. Then, when the span was completed and we were well settled, both of us dived into the relationship of making a baby. Three, four, five months down the line nothing happened. My wife asked me to visit the fertility Specialist to seek advice and social media came to our rescue to find the best clinic in Delhi/NCR.

It wonderfully connected us to some good and lucrative fertility centers and to many couples too, suffering from the same trauma. Fertility issues are complicated, unpredictable and horrible and often you don’t find a shoulder to cry upon, rather than of our own.

We chose Seeds of Innocence as our first choice and visited it the very next day. The informative session with the counselor made us comfortable enough to open up to the fertility specialist Dr. Gauri Agarwal .

Thalassemia and Anemia

Reduced number of red blood cells are not capable of carrying proper oxygen to the tissues and organs leading to dizziness, fatigue, weakness and shortness of breadth. Severe conditions may be fatal and lead to organ failure.

She beautifully talked us about our married and social life and everything in between and then suggested some investigations. I was shocked and surprised when she wrote some tests for the male too as it was not in my wildest dreams that I could ever be responsible for not having a baby. Anyways, our blood test and semen reports came and we were called to the hospital for consultation.

I was drowned in frustration and the world seemed gloomy to me when I was diagnosed with Oligoteratozoopermia (low sperm count with Abnormal morphology). My semen Analysis was done through CASA (Computer assisted semen analysis) and the factors tested in the semen were:
Count, Motility, Morphology, Vitality, DNA fragmentation, Viscosity, Sperm concentration and the presence of fructose in the semen.

The Andrologist at Seeds of Innocence took up the session for me and told me that men are equally responsible for infertility and described the whole analysis in detail. He told me that it is not only the count that matters but other factors are of equal importance too.

Low sperm count or Oligospermia is a condition where the sperm count is less than normal (less than 40 million in the total ejaculate)
DNA fragmentation denotes to the genetic abnormality in the sperms which in turn may lead to IVF failure, miscarriages or abnormal baby.

Poor sperm motility (less than 32%) or Asthenozoospermia is a condition where the sperm finds difficulty in moving towards the egg. The causes could be infection, undescended testicles, drug abuse and injury.

Abnormal morphology (Teratozoospermia) indicates the bad shape and size of the sperm. The head of the sperm may be enlarged or oval in shape and the tail could be crooked or double tail. This defect could lead to the inability of the sperm to reach the egg or if fertilized by this sperm either implantation failure or miscarriage could happen.

Vitality is the percentage of live sperms in the ejaculate.

Fructose secreted by seminal vesicles is the energy source to the sperms. Its absence leads to male infertility as the sperms lack energy.

Oh, My ,My!! Such a miniscule thing with so much of complex and convolutions in abundance. I thoroughly understood every word detailed to me and then was asked to meet Dr. Gauri for further treatment. The best thing I loved was the thorough and smooth channel of proceeding and the availability of specialists to attend the patient every single moment.

Dr.Gauri pioneered a positive attitude and explained us the process of IVF with ICSI. As per the treatment protocol, my wife being of normal reproductive assay was given some injections to stimulate her ovaries to produce good quantity of eggs. I was given some fertility drugs, Vitamin D and antioxidants for better sperm quality. Also the doctor advised me to sleep well, reduce stress, do daily exercise and quit smoking. Finally the eggs were retrieved and one single egg was selected at one time to inject a sperm. Unlike conventional IVF, ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection was done for me as the embryologist has to select the best sperm for fertilization as per my medical condition. Skilled embryologist performed his job well and the embryos turned out to be magnificently good. With all the prayers and blessings 3 embryos were transferred into the uterus of my wife.

We both oscillated in the swing of making the right decision, treatment plan, surfing on social media for ways to make pregnancy happen, contacted our friends and family who have experience IVF and all the unpredictable fertility struggles for 15 days. Our last hope was the result of S-BHCG test that could only give us a sigh of relief. Wonder happened!! The elevated value elated us with profound happiness that could not be expressed in words. No one will question my masculinity now and I will hold my own child in my arms was the biggest joy I could have ever felt.

Thanks!! No, not just thanks but heart full sincere gratitude to Seeds of Innocence, team of doctors, entire staff and God for taking me out of the labyrinth and fulfilling my life with hope and happiness. Today we are gleamed with six months of healthy pregnancy and are eagerly waiting for the D-day. Amen!!

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