What are the 3 simple steps of IVF: STIMULATE, RETRIEVE, TRANSFER

What are the 3 simple steps of IVF: STIMULATE, RETRIEVE, TRANSFER

Infertility is a very common issue these days. 1 out of 5 couples is dealing with it. It is not a woman’s disease alone because men can also face infertility issues.

Infertility can also be due to medical conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, etc. But in many cases, it can be caused by poor lifestyle choices. Thanks to medical science, infertility is treatable. There are many treatments available to cure infertility, and IVF is one of them.

In-vitro fertilization, commonly known as IVF, is an assisted reproductive technology for couples dealing with infertility. It’s a sequence of procedures that involves the fertilization of an egg outside a woman’s body in a specialized lab.

There are three simple steps of IVF: Stimulate, Retrieve, and Transfer. Let’s understand them in some detail:

Stimulate: This is the initial step of the procedure. Your doctor will examine your ovaries’ health. After a series of scans, you will be prescribed fertility drugs for 8-10 days. This will help in maturing the eggs for the next step. The doctor also monitors your hormone levels in case you need HCG shots to speed up the process.

Retrieve: After almost 36 hours of the HCG shots, you’ll have to undergo a surgical procedure for egg retrieval from the follicles in your ovaries. For the males, sperms are also retrieved during this step. Once eggs reach the lab, your IVF specialist will examine the best egg to fertilize with the sperm. Then, sperm and egg are incubated together in the lab allowing the sperm to enter the egg on its own.

Transfer: After retrieval and when fertilization has taken place in the lab, your doctor examines when embryo transfer should take place. The healthiest embryo is selected to transfer back to the woman’s body. This is the final step of the medical procedure. Following the embryo transfer, the development of the embryo continues in the uterus within 1-2 days. After about 12-15 days, you’ll have a pregnancy test to check the results.

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