What is hysteroscopy?


Hysteroscopy is one of the most common operative procedures advised to a patient undergoing fertility treatment. Many patients have questions related to this, today we are going to address the frequently asked questions.

1. What is hysteroscopy?
Hysteroscopy is a procedure that involves visualizing the uterine cavity of the patient using a very thin endoscope. This allows your treating doctor to examine the uterus from inside, to assess the shape, size, adequacy of the cavity and also to look for any growth or anomaly inside the uterus like polyp, fibroid, septum and adhesions.

2. Will hysteroscopy treat my disease?
Yes, hysteroscopy is diagnostic as well as operative, it allows your treating doctor to simultaneously perform the procedure like polypectomy( removal of polyp), myomectomy( removal of submucosal fibroid), septoplasty( removal of uterine septum) and adhesiolysis (removal of adhesions).

3. Is hysteroscopy painful?
No, we at seeds of innocence do all our hysteroscopies under anaesthesia. The patient does not experience any pain during the procedure.

4. Do I need to stay overnight in the hospital?
No, you have to come to the hospital in the morning and you are
discharged on the very same day in evening, overnight stay is very rarely

5. What precautions should I take before procedure?
You have to undergo preanaesthetic checkup. You have to have your
medicines as advised during your preanaesthetic checkup. You have to come
fasting of 6 to 8 hrs on the day of procedure.

6. Do I need bed rest after hysteroscopy?
No, you can easily resume your work after the procedure. Bed rest is not

7. What are the post operative complications?
Few patients might experience slight pain and spotting for a few days post the

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