What lifestyle choices should you adopt while undergoing IVF treatment?

What lifestyle choices should you adopt while undergoing IVF treatment?

In-vitro fertilization is an infertility treatment in which mature eggs are retrieved from the woman’s ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab. The fertilized egg (embryo) is transferred into the woman’s uterus. IVF treatment involves a series of processes. The transfer can be done in one complete cycle or split into several cycles, depending upon the patient’s health reports.

IVF is the most effective form of infertility treatment. The chances of conceiving a baby depend upon many factors like age, health and cause of infertility. Health plays an essential role during the treatment. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to begin the IVF process. Ideally, the patient should start having a healthy lifestyle six months before starting the procedure.

Many patients make poor lifestyle choices while undergoing infertility treatments which results in failure of the treatment. A healthy body has higher chances of success in conceiving the baby.

Here are a few lifestyle choices you should adopt while undergoing IVF treatment.

  • Say ‘no’ to smoking. Smoking leads to a decrease in egg supply. It harms the fallopian tubes and cervix.
  • Obesity is your enemy as it interferes with your ovulation cycle. Try to maintain an ideal weight. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Don’t starve yourself to lose weight. Don’t follow any fad diet. Don’t over-eat to gain weight. Have a balanced diet and try to achieve the ideal body mass index (BMI) the right way.
  • Stop the intake of alcohol since it increases the risk of miscarriage and live birth. Those who abstain from alcohol have better chances of conceiving the baby.
  • Avoid having unprotected sex. It may lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Any STD will interfere with your infertility treatment.
  • Have a balanced and nutritious diet. Your diet should include folic acid foods like green leafy vegetables, peanuts, fresh fruits, etc.
  • Make sure to include enough protein in your diet. It helps to maintain a healthy reproductive system.
  • Mild to moderate exercise is recommended during IVF treatment. Avoid High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts and cardiovascular exercises. Avoid lifting weights.
  • Mental health is also essential during treatment. Stress can result in hormonal imbalance. Meditate regularly. It helps to eliminate stress from your body.
  • IVF Treatment can be emotionally exhausting. Surround yourself with your loved ones for emotional support.

Many patients start changing their lifestyle way before starting the IVF treatment as it increases the success rate. A good and healthy lifestyle is necessary to have a healthy baby. No matter how long the treatment procedure is, you must always have patience and a positive attitude.

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